Saturday, September 25, 2010


Fourish hours work doing stocktake in a warehouse.
Bid wear black and closed shoes.
I whacked my pearls on to add some class.

Had not realised my hands had become so colour coordinated with my outfit (I was very focused on my counting).  Had been wiping the sweat from my upper lip and mouth.

*sigh* I think it would have been nice if somebody had mentioned to me that I had put black dirt smudges around my mouth - like a mustache and goatee beard.

I may yet get to go hear Mr Richards playing support for Clare Bowditch in Cairns.  I've found close and cheap accommodation and bought a ticket.  I just have to manage to get there.  I concede a twelve hour return bus trip may seem a little excessive to listen to a support act, but I would quite like to see Clare Bowditch perform too.

I am not totally nuts.


  1. I can vouch for the musical loveliness that is Clare Bowditch.

  2. Excellent, because getting there will involve me having to survive on peanut butter.