Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've been a good girl.  I have applied for a couple of jobs - even though, what I really want to do is slack about for a couple of weeks.

I thought the gardening would energise me a little.  Certainly the large solid looking gray spider that emerged from the ground when I was digging a hole caused some swift movement on my part, but mostly just resulted in me having flashbacks as I was about to go to sleep last night.  I think it was a wolf spider (picture at bottom of page of link) but am not sure - there are so many to chose from.

Bloody hate spiders.

Technically I appreciate them and their role in the ecosystem, but I just don't want them near me.  It wouldn't die either.  I kept missing with the hoe and when I did think I'd hit it, it seemed to have no effect.  I think it is still out there.  Doesn't make me want to do any more gardening.

If only it hadn't crawled towards me.  I could have coped if it'd gone the other direction.  I have to go now - I have the shudders again just thinking about it.

My Monday after the encounter with the spider may have slightly resembled this ExplodingDog Cartoon.


  1. I can't stand 'em either, but I hate killing them. I have to grab a broom, my heart pounding in my chest, open the door and try to usher them out. Many times they do not wish to cooperate and I have to 'neutralise' them with bug spray. Almost a whole can of bug spray for the really big ones.

  2. My cats have a tendency to herd insects and spiders towards me, which I find quite unsettling, though it is sweet of them to try and involve me in their idea of fun.