Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've drunk soo much coffee today I've come out the other side
instead of withdrawal headaches
I have a binge headache and have been bouncy all afternoon
and laughed too loudly
at things that possibly weren't all that funny

Certainly the individual at work cursing the slow computer system and looking like they were going to have an aneurysm didn't think so

and said so

All on an empty stomach too
cause I couldn't bring myself to eat any more spagbol
and waited until I got here to my sisters
(its babysitting night)
and mooched food  from them

and I have to make my nephew do spelling practice
which I didn't think was all that sucessful last time
but apparently he got 23 out of 25 right
which is his best yet
so perhaps not

And my new credit card arrived, she sang
(the one I chose the picture for)
(of a section of flowers in vase)
(that I messed about with)
and have made all my nephew, nieces, sister and brother-in-law admire

Nephew said was so good he had to look at it a second time
and then was trying to memorise the credit card number
the scamp

and how I wish I were out using it
after a week and a bit without recourse
of submitting to infantile impulse
It's like a fountain of whimsical want
welling up inside

and I want to buy towels and pots and thai curry and flowers for my hair and garden forks and buckets and laundry detergent and bleach and kitty litter and disinfectant and pillows and another blanket and books and EVERYTHING *pant pant pant*


  1. I accept (and concur with) most of those wants - but kitty litter? Or have you found a new and exotic use for it? And you left out chocolate and wine. And nubian dancing boys. More pant, pant.

  2. Ooh! Nubian dancing boys, TEC. Now you're talking!