Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Did I put this up already?  I've actually finished since, thou not tested with an attempt at printing.

I must try it soon.

I got a little carried away with the carving out and probably mucked it up.


  1. It looks really neat, but I'm having trouble working out exactly what it is - given that it involves both carving and printing.

  2. Nice one, MCL. It's a lino cut, right? Can you print them at home? Cool.

  3. It is a little tentiacled alien that's in love.

    Sandra Eterovic (on list at LHS of page) did one a little while ago which reminded me that I had bought a square and some cheap carving tools, so I thought I'd have a go. I remembered doing one once at high school and enjoyed the carving bit, even if the actual picture didn't turn out so hot.

    I haven't tried to print it yet. I am a slacker.

  4. Thanks, Kettle. I could see the details of the image, MCL, my question had more to do with, well, what it was. It's like a big home-made stamp, made out of lino, right?