Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bugger its thursday not tuesday isn't it

i've no thoughts to share
or whinges
or cares
i sit like a slowly deflating pool toy at my desk and wish i were elsewhere

chips and gravy today
i slouch over my bloated belly like an anxious parent penguin
posture samantha! posture

where are the nuns with the rulers when you need them, ey?


  1. Do we need nuns with rulers? Nah, I can inflict enough pain on myself.

  2. Much as I knock the nuns, they were good for somethings - like making one sit up straight - and alerting one to the fact that one is not the only pebble on the beach.

  3. Maddie - aloha! I'm intrigued by your title; it sounds like you'd prefer it to be a Tuesday rather than a Thursday? I infinitely prefer Thursdays, closer to the weekend and all that.

    Do you have several marvellous things you usually do on Tuesdays?

  4. I hadta grovel cause I was late sending out all the updates I usually send Thursday morning cause I kept thinking it was Tuesday

    Thursdays on the whole is a tricky kind of day

    not hump day, not last day of working week - Thursdays are a tease

  5. not hump day

    You have a special day for that?