Friday, April 1, 2011


Let us drink to absent friends that we've never had
Indeed, I hold to my friends so lightly it is as if they were not there anyway
so perhaps let us drink to all people
and contemplate our place in the world
and then perhaps weep a little
because we can
and because we are drunk
because there are a lot of people in the world
and therefore a lot to toast

and perhaps at the end we will be friends
swear to each other faith and loyality
forsworn and forgotten once the fumes have cleared
and the night nothing but a headache and a blank ill remembered spot in our memory
and in the cold light we might say
out out damned spot
I can't believe I drank so much
I hope I didn't do anything embarrassing
where did that tattoo come from?


  1. :D thanks George

    I haven't written anything interesting for so long I had to bust out a little.