Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Saturday

Domestic Friday interrupted with call from eldest to invite to Chinese dinner saturday night - where each person brings dish - not takeaway.

I do not cook.   Occasionally make spag boll or carryout some other offense to cookery perpetuated under the influence.  Yeast is not a substitute for flour when trying to make a white sauce.

Much thought was spent on whether I would wimp out with the other option provided that I did not have to bring anything - sisters wise to my lack of ability and possibly fearful of cat contamination.

Wracked my brain and decided to try dim sum - which looks easy - though I did not use a recipe - cause I never do.  Have spent nearly $100 today buying mixing bowls and jars and stuff and my brother-in-law has just been roused on for adding salt to the prawn crackers - lol.


  1. Well, how did it taste? And re the cat contamination each and every meal served in this house includes fur.

  2. Sadly mine was a complete disaster. Fell to pieces in the steamer and the sauces were to oily and salty. Apparently. lol

    I have a plate of steamed pork balls with wads of noodle left. Only three were eaten by brave people (mostly made up of me)

    Eveybody elses tasted nice, but the fortune cookies were more like Advice Cookies. Mine said "You find beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability."

  3. My brother-in-law says it looks rather like something a cat sicked up hahahahahahaha