Friday, April 1, 2011

Marshmallow People

3 pm on a friday afternoon at work
is a time when a person really gets to know what they're made of

one comes hard up against ones moral code and upbringing
in the face of the late afternoon suger low
in combination with the imminence of the weekend
and the slightly shocky after-effects of a bad week
(or is it affects?  I never remember)

Can you knuckle down and give your all for the team?
or are you going to slip away into a dozy catatonic state
endlessly failing to prioritise the piles of papers on your desk
looping all the paperclips together
going to the toilet and making coffee
which just causes you to go to the toilet again?


  1. I vote for slipping away in a dozy catatonic state.

  2. From memory, it's after-effects -- so you should have been right the first time. I think.

    As for staying focused on Friday afternoons, fucks me.

  3. lol - dozy catatonia was winning so I stopped trying to do anything productive and inventried uniforms.