Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My middle name is sloth

I had such intentions
So firm I did not even gird loins
I was going to clean
I was going to garden
I was going to do all my washing
Including sheets and towels

I have spent two of the days on the stupid computer game I am about to look up more cheats on

I have reread a seven book series of trash, consisting of lots of sex, blood and repetitive descriptions

I started trying to clear out a garden bed and didn't get very far before my hip ceased to cooperate and the muscle spasms started

I have sipped wine
and eaten
and read
and slept

... and I shall miss it all terribly when I go back to work tomorrow

and thus I am made susceptible to the advertised lure of you have to be in it to win it and am going to buy a lotto ticket in the 25 million tonight, cause I wouldn't mind being retired - though I might get a cleaner - if they would put up with me.

and maybe hire a chef?


  1. Sounds like a good few days. Particularly the eating, the wine, the sleeping and the reading. I doubt that anyone on their death bed says 'I wish my washing was all done'. And if that is their biggest worry ...

  2. Maybe not anyone on their death-bed, but I'll bet a lot of people without clean undies have.