Monday, April 11, 2011

Very much a Monday

Odd Occurrence of the week so far ...

stoopid posts of mine
coming up as linked to a Dave Graney post
and listed after his entry
- I don't know why

Not that Mr Graney isn't entirely worthy of being linked too

I encourage you all to do so
I'd do it myself now but I am about to waffle on about the bad dreams I had over the weekend and I figure I've embarrassed myself in front of any curious readers of his well and truly enough already

I should colour all this first bit in pink just to properly reflect how I feel

weekend work related bad dreams

one where i am working where i am now
and performing some function or other
and things not working out

vague description I know
but it melted away like candy floss
leaving just a sticky residue of stress and unhappiness

second set at a fictional workplace
in a futuristicish large vertical city
but with lots of light and trees?!?

spent the dream working on financial repercussions of quiting the job
and what I would have left over on the dole after paying rent
maths works out though
$225 a fortnight
a hundred of which is taken up by cat needs

I don't need dreams like that
I can do that while I am awake

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