Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump Day

and though the work days creep
they pass faster than seems right
I can't believe it's Wednesday already
- and what have I done?
feels like bugger all
(and now I have so this is christmas stuck in my head)
endless pieces of paper being catelogued and ticked as entered and lists made never to have items crossed off whose destiney is to be buried and become mere strata

I shared my viewpoint on work with colleague
that we aren't growing our own food
and are not building shelter from the elements
and therefore everything we do is really just to keep busy and out of trouble

I don't think he found it a liberating perspective
I think he found it depressing

and then I pointed out we are paper shufflers
and that we don't necessarily even get to shuffle actual real paper anymore
sometimes its virtual paper

I like to think of it as a kind of meditation
sitting her clicking away at my computer
checking to see if figures match
not really thinking at any deep level

Maybe I should start a new religon
(splinter group?)
zen and the art of the clerk


  1. You are truly evil in depressing your co-worker. I am with you. Though I would also add people who create things of beauty to the food growers/shelter builders as being necessary for survival.

  2. I think I'm a compulsive meditator. If I have ten spare seconds where my brain isn't required it disappears off into a relaxing reverie without any effort. I reckon if I joined the Buddhist church they would have to bow down and worship me as some sort of lord high medtation master.

  3. and the meditation master gets to smack people with bamboo rods when they lose concentration - I seen it on telly so it must be true.

    Concur - creative people get to be added to the list. There has been many a work day I wouldn't have gotten through without music or a funny cartoon or beautiful picture to lift my spirits.

    On stressful days I google poetry.

  4. everything we do is really just to keep busy and out of trouble

    Considering how your mob handles data-entry, I'd say there's at least some truth to that.

  5. Everything hunky-dory your way -- seismologically?