Thursday, September 22, 2016


I soooo wanted to tell her to pull her head in and stop behaving like a pork chop, but you cant really. Besides, ive never had an authoritive voice.

We added her to the wait list, even though we had stopped taking patients due to the very long waits due to only having one doctor working tonight, and advised her there was only one doctor and it was likely to be an hour or so wait; because she sobbed and said it was urgent.

Then she proceeded to rant and rave about having to wait, and how unprofessional we were, and apparently were 'treating her like a dog'. She wrote out a complaint and generally wailed and nashed teeth.

It was only half an hour and she didnt have an appointment and she got her script ahead of other people who had been waiting longer.

Her young children sat outside in the car the whole time.
I envied them.

Tomorrow I shall have to defend my actions which consisted of assuring her she would be seen as soon as the doctor finished with the person he was with and offering her a glass of water.

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