Monday, September 19, 2016

I am a bad person ...

... because I am ridiculously amused at overhearing a checkout person at IGA being disparaging/gossipy about a customer she had been at school with who 'didn't even try to go further than year ten'.

Possibly it is a generational thing? Half the people I went to school with didnt even finish year ten.

15 was the ideal age to catch an apprenticeship.

I lost out to a few 15 year olds when i was 16 and looking for my first job, before getting a job with a couple who found it hard to keep staff. An illsuited coupling that lasted three years.

The afternoon I spent convincing my boss that I didnt want his wife's very nice, heavy, gold jewelry because he was convinced she was going to leave him because he confronted her about spending 11-3 gambling instead of filing documents like she said she was, leaving me to try and entertain a three year old still being breast fed, for four hours at the casino lingers long in my memory. I bribed her with ticktaks and gave her airoplane rides in the lobby.

Edit: bahhahahhaha a checkout chick making fun of someone not finishing grade ten hahahahaha

*slaps wrist*
bad sammy


  1. The checkout person sounds like an aspirational snob. School is a torture for many. And not useful either.

    1. I just wanted to feed her up. She was so skinny.