Monday, September 12, 2016

I learnt a new thing ...

... this week.

Firstly, if one happens to be boiling potatoes, it is probably best not to use water pre-used to boil pasta.

Secondly, it is not a good idea to use a food processor, of any sort, even a-not-quite-a-food-processor (really just a glorifed chopper from a cheap knockoff shop) to purereeaaaeary (sp?) the afforesaid potatos boiled in pasta water.

It resembles something one could use to put up tiles.

It nearly broke my cheap, but quite good all the same, and remarkably easy to clean and very user friendly, cheap but not-quite-a-food-processor.

I've put the results in the fridge.

I am not game to eat it just yet, though I feel I should, cause waste is wasteful.

However, I am still having discomforting dreams/visions about what it would do to my inards.

Plus, it kind of resembles what the little boy at the other end of the hospital ward was vomiting up when i was in hospital on my eleventh/twelfth birthday (cant remember which), though that was quite possibly because all he may have been given to eat was mashed potato. Or possibly icecream.

In which case, it isnt all that surprising it resembled my tragic misbegotten mash.

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