Thursday, September 8, 2016


Am up to the third book in series writ by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. About the Magisterium.

Individually they are nice but not all consuming for me.

Holly is good and interesting, but not exciting.

Cassandra is exciting but angsty and for gods sake can we have a break and just interact without shaking the earth, bloody heck but you make me tired. Can we just stop for some tea or cake, or something.

Far out.

Magisterium series is excellent, thou angsty and teenagerey, which is fair enough because it is for young readers, but i miss Anne McCafferys touch which could have been for young readers still, but without the characters having to be stoopid, or overly angsty, or specifically teenagerary.

Probably that doesnt make sense, but I've started a few books for young readers lately and although the story has been good, they have shit-me-to-tears, and I havent been able to finish.

I hate not finishing.

Admittedly i didnt finish Harry Potter.  I came in early and really liked the first two books when he was getting shut in cupboards alot. After that it was all a bit 'meh' for me.

Probably its good i never wanted to have children.

I would totally have shut them in cupboards.
At least for short periods when I was trying to read.

Maybe I could have set them up with lamps so they could have read about being shut in cupboards whilst being shut in cupboards.

Probably its good I never read Flowers in the attic, though I cant say for sure, because I never read Flowers in the attic.


  1. Have you read any of Garth Nix? I am nearly finished his The Keys of the Kingdom series. Not bad.
    My mother used to lock herself in the bathroom to read. If I had children I suspect I would have too.

    1. I think i have, but it was years ago and i dont remember which one. Have just come across a book called 'the iron assasin' which looks quite interesting. Will start sunday after i finish another agatha christie.