Monday, September 26, 2016

For Elephants Child ...

... because you always have such lovely bird photographs :)

This is one of my brother-in-laws girls, that follow him about the yard when he goes outside.

This is a chicken in an avocado tree. They esque? esqueue? have abandoned their cage in favour of the avocado tree Bob grew from seed.  Chickens look funny in a tree. Chickens jumping to get into the tree look even funnier.  You will just have to accept my word until such time i can film it.

They also have feral peacocks and I was disturbed this afternoon by the sounds of altercation from the tree. I was worried there was a snake as reputed by a neighbour, however it was just the peacock being autocratic and chucking the chickens from the tree.

This is the lady peacock that caused all the trouble.

I shall finish on a flower, because there have been alot of them lately.  This is the standard rose Bob gave to my sister as a present. Possibly for valentines day, but maybe just a birthday. They have been together ages and have three children and have a comfortable home that invites you to just drop in, even if you havent called first.

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  1. Love the chook. And the peahen. And the rose. Thank you.
    My partner's sister had a rooster which used to sit on her lap in the evening and watch television.
    And her current chooks pen is posher than the Taj Mahal.