Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday confessions

Friday night out was ... nice.  I stayed till 9 or 10. They even let me get a word in edgewise now and then 😄

Host has no idea how rough as guts she is. Amongst the 'ings, she is really nice. More nice than i am. She is more action orientated.  She does things. Or at least, invites people over so she can do things. She is a hairdresser who hates hairdressers. Washing the hair of a cancer patient who can't lift their arms high enough to wash their own hair and refusing payment.

She is little, and beautiful and wears too much makeup and if she is in a bad mood assumes and vocalises the worst about people. To say it, you have to think it first, which is my most impeniterable (sorry, i am useless without spellcheck) barrier to liking her.

I am ashamedly amused when people get up her for calling them sweetie and darling.

She is putty in the hands of her children, who are so much nicer too eachother than I expect, and wish she didn't swear sooooooo much when speaking around them.

People are confusing and I much rather hanging around my cats.


  1. People are very, very confusing.
    I am pretty certain that Jazz swears at me. Often. To an extent which needs his mouth washed out...