Friday, September 23, 2016

Something charming ...

This is the second picture I bought today.

(Actually the first, cause when I turned up it was marked down to only $40, so I surrendered to temptation and bought two).

It is an original illustration by Jenny Finn from a book tittled 'Tales from 5he Hallowed Hollow'.

She's had a few pictures for sale at the Townsville Art Society shop over the last few months (some even listed as free to a child), and today is the first time I've had cash to spare for one of them. There have been at least three come and go during my pennyless period, darnit.

*que the sound of gnashing teeth and wringing hands*

Not even a vaguly good photo and I seem to be completely unable to hang pictures straight.

1 comment:

  1. From what I learn of wombats that is true to life. And each time they come through they will open up a new hole.
    Love it.