Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lazy breakfast adventures ...

... because i wont be paying for it. Thats pretty lazy isnt it?

Eldest sister treating me to breakfast tomorrow, as i will be feeding their cats and guinea pigs over the next four days, whilst the family adjourns to Magnetic Island for holiday fun.

I love both sisters houses and their cats. I will be in mad cat lady heaven with eleven (counting my own and theirs together) cats, four guinea pigs, four to six chickens (i can never remember which are theirs and which are their neighbours) and two feral peacocks.

They will be racked with, well not actually racked, but vaguely discomforted anyway, with guilt because i will be bopping about by each of their properties petting and feeding their animals and bumming about on their sofas getting kitty love.  Which is my idea of a good time, ha ha.

Its a win win situation that requires me to get out of bed at a respectably hour, which will be good for me if not necessarily enjoyable, and thus virtue is its own reward is a bit crap cause surely this is the definitition of hedinisom?

Sorry. I still cant spell.
The gist is the gist though, right?

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  1. How nice to be in a win/win situation - with free breakfast.