Friday, September 16, 2016

It hangs like a wren with its neck rung ...

It is entirely my own fault ...
It seemed like such a good idea at the time ...

I decided to get a sofa bed.

But i wake in the night pillowless.
Headboards are really undervalued in daily life.
Who invented headboards?
And the foot of beds?
Feckin' geniusesesessesssss thats who!

I may over compensate in my next nightly incarnation (incarceration?) with a day bed. Bound on three sides, though i must admit I rather fancy something I could raise a fourth side on ... cot-like though it would be.

All-in-all I do still yearn for an early in life idea of converting a double papazan (sp?) into a nest for myself, but cannot help thinking I would lose out to the cats, as they would have ample opportunity to barr their spot whilst I am at work.


  1. Headboards are good. And cats are bed hogs. Or ours are. Very successful (and insistent) bed hogs.

    1. They wouldnt be able to push me off the bed if it had sides. Fair enough, theyve only done that once.