Thursday, September 1, 2016

Boring dream post alert

Strong dreaming sessions lately.

In my dream last night my front door came off its hinges and then seemed too small to fill the space when propped against it, and then it went into my new normal of cats escaping and me trying to gather them up etc.

People came over to visit and tried to help. One of them pointed out a couple of other doors that were closed. Turned out there was another two thirds of house I had forgotten about. Two or three bedrooms all fully furnished and a bathroom with a bath and a plumbing issue and a sunroom. And cupboards full of my old clothes that I was storing for future possible use by my nieces.

This was a house I've dreamed about before. Also with a escaping/gathering of cats theme.

The funny thing about last nights dream was that I became self aware quite early into it, but was unable to wake myself up, or take charge. Took four tries.

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