Wednesday, September 7, 2016

All tuckered out ...

... after a morning of playing chicken.

Springbok is desperate to play, but my cats don't.  The closest he can get is to hide and swipe and then run like heck.  All fun and games until one of them catches him. After which he slinks to the bed and hides under the covers with me for a bit.

He managed to evade them for quite a while this morning and now hes all tuckered out.


  1. What a honey he is. And how I would love to be able to 'lax as well as a cat. And have a fraction of their flexibility.

    1. Hes a honey until he pats my nose at 3am because he wants to play, and without meaning too, makes me bleed. My poor abused nose. No other cat has made me bleed soo visibly. However i advocate that this shows they are not megomaniacs attempting world dominatation, cause it lacks subtlty. I will be worried when i sight my first simesese fighting fish with a laser strapped to its head.